When does a newborn session take place?

Generally, a newborn session typically should take place within the first 14 days of life of your new child.  Most newborn poses require the baby to be in a position similar to how they were in the womb, and they quickly learn how to stretch!  The 14 day rule is to ensure they have the best chance at going into the poses and sleeping through the session because babies are the most flexible in those first 14 days.  If your baby was premature, you have extra time.  If you baby was kept in the hospital for complications, please contact me to discuss what is possible for your child. I generally aim to book your session within a week of your baby being released from the hospital!

I am currently pregnant, how do I SECURE a session if I don't know when baby will come?

The uncertainty of pregnancy does complicate things when it comes to scheduling newborn photography, but I work around it all the time!  When you decide that you want to have me photograph your newborn session, I require a deposit of 50% of your session total as a non-refundable deposit.  This is payable by credit card through an email invoice or email money transfer.

When you book your session in advance (pay the deposit), I take note of your due date and guarantee availability for your newborn session. Babies have a mind of their own, and they tend to arrive whenever they feel like it. Whether your newborn arrives before, spot on, or after your estimated due date, I will make sure I can find an appointment within the baby's first 14 days.  All you have to do is contact me after you are home from the hospital (typically within 2 days) and we will set a date and time.  There are some simple instructions I will provide you for preparing for your newborn session, so you will always have at least 2 days notice of a session, but I generally aim to book the session approximately 1 week after baby is released from the hospital.

In order to be able to offer this service, I only accept a limited number of bookings as to be flexible to baby’s schedule, and make room for all of my clients. It is always best to book for a newborn session while you are still pregnant so that we may plan accordingly for your session to be within the first 5-14 days after birth.

If you did not contact me and pay the deposit in advance, I book based on availability and can't guarantee to fit you in.

Although it is ideal to have newborn photos done within the first two weeks, it is not impossible to do them later! Message me to discuss what types of images I can capture of your baby, and what you could expect from an older baby session. Although certain poses may no longer be possible, I can certainly still provide you gorgeous, keepsake images of your baby.

I only offer 4 newborn sessions per month, so please contact me for availability, but I do my best to fit you in!

My Baby is already a few weeks old and I haven’t booked a session, is it too late to have pictures done?

Do I need to bring anything to my session?

Since the sessions take place in your home, you don’t need anything! But I do suggest that you have the following things available nearby while the session is taking place:

  1. Your baby

  2. Extra diapers 

  3. Extra formula (or make sure you are prepared to breast feed)

  4. A pacifier (if your baby uses one)

After I arrive and set up in your home, I will ask you undress your baby down to the diaper, I will wrap him/her, and then you will feed the baby.  I handle everything else!

What if I have other children? Can they be in some of the pictures?

All of your children are important, and I am more than happy to include them in the portrait session.  The family portion (with older children) will always take place at either the beginning or end of your session, and typically last about 30 minutes.  I do ask that your older children are kept busy out of the room for the rest of the time I am working with your newborn so that my focus can be completely on capturing beautiful images for you.
This makes it more fun for them, and easier for me!


I don't know if my partner and I want to have any pictures yet.  When do I have to decide?

I highly encourage having these photos done.  I know that you may not feel the best, and may not think you look the best, but this will be a memory that you will get to capture with your little one, and you don't get a second chance.   Also, to make you feel better, I never focus these photos on your belly, or hips, just your face and your connection with your child. 

That being said, if you only want pictures of your new baby, that is fine! If you want pictures with you and your partner, that is also fine! I do have to bring additional supplies for a family session, so I do require you to let me know no less than the day before your session if you would like to have family images.  


What should my family wear for our pictures with baby?

I always suggest to have the family in all one color if possible (for example, everyone wearing all white or all black with jeans or khaki type pants). By doing this the images will focus on your baby and the connection between your family, instead of having colorful distractions. It is generally best to stick to neutral or pastel colors.

If you have any questions about what to wear or would like further styling assistance, please ask!


At this point, all my sessions take place in your home! I bring everything so you don’t have to lift a finger, or ever get out of your PJ’s if you don’t want.
If you feel like you just don’t have anywhere for me to set up in your home, I am happy to discuss other options!

Where do I go for my session?

Absolutely not! Although I love sharing images of the babies I get to work with, I have all clients sign a contract before there session.  In the contract you select the option of allowing me to use your images or not.  At any point you can change your mind.  There is no cost to keeping your images private.

I see you post photos online of newborns.  Does this mean you will automatically be using my photos?

I love when I get to work with twins! There is no additional cost to the session, but keep in mind that it may take some extra time (possibly more than the standard 2-2.5 hours).  I do make the best of the time by photographing one baby when the other one needs a break (and vice-versa), and I try to make sure I get at least 2 set-ups of the babies together.  

I have twins, is there additional cost? Will you only photograph them together?

Please look through my portfolio for inspiration.  Most images you will find on Pinterest do not align with my photography style or safety requirements.  If you are not sure, feel free to send me photos in advance of your session and I can discuss them with you.

I saw some pictures on Pinterest - will you do those poses/set-ups?

As you will see in my portfolio, I do not use many props in newborn sessions (toys, crochet hats or outfits, other large items).  This is because they can be unsafe, bulky and not flatter your baby in the images.  I provide all wraps, outfits and backdrops required to complete the session in line with my portfolio in your preferred theme or preferred color scheme.

If you have an item of sentimental value, please discuss it with me in advance and I can see what I can do to incorporate it if possible.

Do you have/can I bring props?

When your session is complete, I will cull through the images I have taken.  I permanently delete any images that are duplicates, images that are not flattering to the subject (where the baby or family member is talking/sneezing, blinking, etc), and any images that were taken for the sake of testing the light or set-up.  Any images that I believe you may like, I will provide in your proofs for viewing and selection.  It is in my best interest to show you any image you may want to buy, so I promise I am not hiding any 'good ones' from you.  

You will choose and receive the number of digital images stated in your package, and the physical photos of any that you buy with your print credit.  Images will be provided after editing is complete.  Any images not chosen will be permanently deleted.

Do I get all of the images from my session?

Have any other questions? Feel free to use the BOOK NOW button, or email divinephotoregina@gmail.com.